Cleaning Your New Apartment in Stockbridge Ga

Once you have moved into your apartment in Stockbridge GA, it’s time to clean up the new place. This is especially true if the apartment had been used by people before. This might feel like a chore, but if you want your new apartment in Stockbridge GA to feel and smell the best, this is something you just cannot avoid.

The first place you should tackle in your new apartment in Stockbridge GA is the kitchen. There is no telling how the previous owners might have used the place, so it’s best to do a deep clean of the whole place. Clean the kitchen cupboards especially well with soap water and clean the walls too, for there might be oil stains that reek after a short while.

You also need to clean the appliances that were used by the previous owner and have now been left behind. You might need to use a heavy duty cleaner, such as wax or a paste. Baking soda and water, is however the best option, along with a heavy duty cloth. Scrub the appliances very well and make sure they are perfectly clean. If there is an oven in your apartment in Stockbridge GA, make sure to clean it. Use baking soda and water and spend at least 30 minutes cleaning the oven. Make sure that you clean the hood and use grease remover if regular soap water doesn’t do the trick. Just make sure that you get a sheet of paper or a piece of cloth to catch any droplets of grease that might fall and stain your new floor in your Stockbridge GA apartments.

Clean the area behind the place where the fridge used to be of the old owners of your Stockbridge GA apartment. The area usually blackens, so clean that out with soap.

Sinks in your new apartments for rent in Stockbridge GA can be cleaned using baking soda and water. Clean the sides of the sink carefully and let the baking soda water stay for a while as it absorbs odors and makes the area smell fresh. Odors inside the sink can be cleared by mixing baking soda with water and pouring it slowly down the drain.

The major part of cleaning your new apartments in Stockbridge GA is the walls. Walls tend to get very dirty and after you are done renting a new apartment in Stockbridge GA, the next toughest thing seems to be cleaning the walls. You need to clear the vents of all the cobwebs, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Next you need to wipe the walls well with a solution of soap water. You also need to clean the floors and the edges of the room. If there is any mold in your apartment in Stockbridge GA, you need to clean that too. Since mold is hard to get off with just plain water, methylated spirit or even baking soda can be used to get the mold off your new apartment in Stockbridge GA.