Braves New Mascot Called Phillie Fanatic Ripoff By Critics

ATLANTA, GA — The Atlanta Braves promised to unveil their new mascot to fans Saturday during Chop Fest and boy did they deliver. Blooper, yes its name is Blooper, exited a “time machine” to a cheering crowd amidst streamers and smoke. But after the smoke cleared, many have mixed feelings about Blooper, saying it is a mix between the Phillie Phanatic and a shaggy space alien.

This weekend’s annual Chop Fest event, held in Sun Trust Park, is an opportunity for fans get to meet players and take part in all sorts of activities.

There is already a petition to change the mascot, started by Cody McKinney of Stockbridge, Ga. “Change the braves mascot from Blooper!” reads the petition. “The new braves mascot Blooper is horrible. Its a copy of the division rivals, Phillies. Please let’s get this changed immediately.”

As of midnight the petition only had four signatures but that was less than 24 hours after Blooper’s debut.

Here are some of the reactions on the Braves’ Facebook page:


Ben Ladd said, “How about something more original instead of a different version of the Philly Phanatic?! Did you really think people wouldn’t see the resemblance?”

Steven Purvis commented, “Why is this tough? Why is it boring? Why is it bad? This is for the kids it seems. I think it is pretty awesome. Gets the kids involved in something. Stop being so negative.”

Adrian Robinson got to the point quickly, “The Philly Phanatic got laid off?”

Brian Hyder had questions, “Blooper??? For a professional sports team??? The idea is to avoid bloopers!”

Josh Brown took the common sense approach, “What if the mascot was a Brave? Kinda like the Vikings have a Viking! (I’m so sorry. I’ll log off now.)”

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